Our global headquarters is located in Hesel (Germany) to be able to act at European level.

The proximity to the manufacturing plant for wind turbines in northern Germany, and the experience has led us to choose our location here.

Through our partners in Canada and South America, we are also equipped international.

ISO 9001/ISO45001/SCCP

CIwind GmbH has introduced and applies the following management systes. Quality management system according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Management system for safety an health at work DIN ISO 45001:2018 GU management system SCCP, version 2011. The relevant evidence was provided by a review in April 2019.


2014 – The company was founded in Hesel, Germany

2014 – Start of the first wind farm in Bagband, Germany

2015 – Expansion to the installation work of WEA

2015 – Integration of own planning office for lifts and lifting studies and development of further assembly teams.


With the construction and site management, CIwind one of the first companies is able to offer this as a service. Our partner is one of the largest international crane company with medium and of large tonnage.


CIwind GmbH

Tjüchkampstrasse 2a, D-26605 Aurich

Gustav A.Neeb GmbH

Hölker Feld 2-4, 42279 Wuppertal, Germany

Cooperation Partner
Neeb & Schuch Heavy logistics inc.

410, St. Nicolas street, suite 200, Montreal, QC H2Y2P5, Canada

Erection of the first Windfarm in Bagband

Construction of the first wind farm with 13 wind turbines of the type E …Read More